Latest Products Latest Products Thu, 06 Oct 2022 08:11:27 +0530 en-us Industrial Dyeing Machines Mon, 28 Mar 2016 00:00:00 +0530 Catering to the requirements of textile industry, we bring forth a large gamut of Industrial Dyeing Machines. The different types of Industrial Dyeing Machines that we deal in are H.T.H.P. Soft Flow Dyeing Machine, Jet Dyeing Machine, Winch Dyeing Machine and Yarn Dyeing Machine. H.T.H.P. Soft Flow Dyeing Machine Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We are a notable H.T.H.P. Soft Flow Dyeing Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat (India). We manufacture Soft Flow Machines, Soft Flow Fabric Dyeing Machine, Soft Flow Machinery and Soft Flow Fabric Dyeing Machinery. The H.T.H.P. Soft Flow Dyeing Machines are fabricated following the industry set norms. Buyers can avail H.T.H.P. Soft Flow Dyeing Machines in different specifications from us. Exclusive Features Lowest liquor ratio Reduce color & chemicals Reduce steam consumption Reduce electricity Tangle free operation Online washing system Inner flow dyeing system No rope marks, no pilling effect, no hairiness Standard Features Dye 30 to 450 g/mt. sq. Fabric (cotton woven, cotton knit and its blends) Cup type very soft flow nozzle with low pressure higher flow design. Online filter design for easy cleanup even during the process with extra replaceable filter mesh. Specially design vessel cleaning system by SS spraying nozzles. Fabric drive reel with A.C. Motor & frequency controller. S.S. control panel with rotary switch, emergency stop, fabric speed indicator, hotter & moderate operation panel. PTFE Teflon sheet in basket. Vessel made from AISI SS 316 l. Technical Data Capacity : 10kg. To 2000kg. Maximum working temp. : 140o C Maximum working pressure : 4 kg./cm2 Optional Features Color kitchen system with agitators & actuators with direct dosing system for colour preparation and dye dispensing / dosing. Double filter system. Fully automatic system with plc & electromagnetic flow meter. Seam detector. Frequency controller for main motor. Stirring system in color tank. Dye kitchen with accessories (optional) Dye kitchen specially designed for the dissolving & preparation of dyes chemical & auxiliaries & transfer of the dissolved media to the single dyeing machine. Available in difference stage of automation with optional accessories like stirrer & dosing pump combined usage with programs. Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, to suit all machine types' capacities with flexible combination of tank size & number of satisfy all process requirement & future requirement. Jet Dyeing Machine Thu, 20 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 We are counted among the prominent Jet Dyeing Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gujarat (India). We make Fabric Dyeing Machines from quality parts and components as per the industry defined norms. The Jet Dyeing Machine that we offer is HTHP u-type soft flow dyeing machine. HTHP Jet Dyeing Machine and HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machines are extensively demanded in textile industry. Details HTHP Jet Dyeing Machines are available from 60kgs to 400kgs capacity. With full basket or half basket options. HTHP Jet Dyeing Machines pressure vessel and major wet parts made of stainless steel AISI 316 / 316 L highly corrosion resistance material. Pump & motor of HTHP Jet Dyeing Machines are controlled by AC Inverter drive system for maximum efficiency and less energy consumption. Features One stainless steel filtering device placed in such a way for easy cleaning. Separate tank in between is provided for pre- heating of water, which saves time and energy. For preparing chemical, color kitchen tank is provided made out of stainless steel 316, with required valves for auto dozing. Electrical control panel with microprocessor to operate the machine is provided with pneumatic control circuits Magnetic level indicator duly calibrated for correct liquore measurement. All safety device required for a pressure vessel is incorporated with the machine. Winch Dyeing Machine Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Avail from us Winch Dyeing Machine that is known for compact body structure and efficient functioning. As well, the Winch Dyeing Machine, offered by us, is widely appreciated for easy operation, application specific design and long lasting service life. The user-friendly Winch Dyeing Machine is easy to install and has durable finish standards. The body of the machine is fabricated from premium quality Stainless Steel. Winch Dyeing Machine can be availed at reasonable price from us. We are a well-known Winch Dyeing Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat (India). Features Water inlet and outlet valve Direct steam coil made of perforated pipe Machine body made of SS sheets 304 quality Complete nipple with electric motor standard company Big Roller made of SS or pipe and small roller made of SS pipe Yarn Dyeing Machine Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We offer HT/HP Vertical Package Yarn Dyeing Machine to the clients located all over the country. The Yarn Dyeing Machines that we deal in are extensively required in garment industry. We manufacture Yarn Dyeing Machine in different configurations in order to meet the requirements of the users. Our Yarn Dyeing Machines are reasonably priced. We are a well-reckoned Yarn Dyeing Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat (India). Bag Filter Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Clients can avail from us Bag Filter that is required for boiler. The Bag Filters, offered by us, are made from quality materials in compliance with the industry set norms and standards. The Bag Filters can be availed in different specifications from us. We are a preeminent name as Bag Filter Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat (India). Hot Air Stenter Machine Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We specialize in designing Hot Air Stenter Machine. The Hot Air Stenter Machines, offered by us, are known for high performance, less power consumption and longevity. Hot Air Stenter Machines can be availed in different specifications from us. We are a renowned Hot Air Stenter Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat (India). We provide all types of Stenter Machine & Hot Air Dryers. Hydro Extractor Machine Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Clients can avail the precision-engineered Hydro Extractor Machine from us. We are a reputed Hydro Extractor Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat (India). We offer Hydro Extractors and Hydro Extractor Machines to the clients located in different parts of the country. The Hydro Extractor Machines that we deal in are widely used for drying yarns, fabrics, clothes, silk, etc. with the help of centrifugal force. These Hydro Extractors are designed by our skilled personnel for commercial use and should be bolted to a solid concrete floor. Hydro Extractor Machine is best suitable for textile, dyestuffs and food industries, requiring filtration of various types of slurries and hydro extraction from pastes and clothes. Highlights Our hydro extractors can be installed even in upper floors due to its smooth vibration-free operation. The external dimensions of the machine have been kept as small as possible to provide comfortable operating height. The low center of gravity enables smooth running of the machine. The machine is constructed to withstand rigorous working conditions. The method of operation of these centrifuges permits adoption to difficult task of separation of solids from liquids. The size of the machine ranges from 16" to 60". Rotary Drum Machine Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Clients can avail Rotary Drum Machine from us. We are a prominent name as Rotary Drum Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat (India). We offer Relax Rotary Drum Washer Machine, Rotary Drum Washer, Rotary Drum Machine, Relax Rotary Drum Washer which are especially developed shrinking process for bulkiness and gooji effect on synthetics fabric. Rotary Drum Machine is also able for the process like sizing, scouring & creasing. Through Rotary Drum Machine, process can be completed in high temperature and high pressure. Fabric is loaded from front door inside specially developed octagonal basket and that basket rotates forward & in reverse direction with the help of inverter. Exclusive Features High temperature up to 140o C Working pressure : 4 Kg/cm2 Capacity : 200 kg/400 kg Main Vessel & Basket : SS 316 L Motor : 10 HP., With A.C. Drive Planetary Gear Box Also can druming without bags / with bags Wet Scrubber Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We are a well-known Wet Scrubber Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat (India). The Wet Scrubber that we offer is basically required for Boiler. If you wish to remove the particulates (and/or droplets) from a corrosive gas stream, there is a SGEW Umbrella Scrubber system will give you collection efficiencies in excess of 99% with water, and this for a relatively low capital outlay. It is made up of S.S. 316 and thickness as per required by client. This scrubber is made on the theory of Cyclone i.e. in this scrubber we use high velocity of cyclonic force and this force is shuttle down the maximum particles in to boiler out-let flue gas. We use the baffle plate for reduce the velocity of gas for better scribing on this we give water spray from above as well as from bottom. We used spiral (umbrella) nozzle in this scrubber to give the form of like umbrella. Cyclone separators provide a method of removing particulate matter from air streams at low cost and low maintenance. In general, a cyclone consists of an upper cylindrical part referred to as the barrel and a lower conical part referred to as cone. The air stream enters tangentially at the top of the barrel and travels downward into the cone forming an outer vortex. The increasing air velocity in the outer vortex results in a centrifugal force on the particles separating them from the air stream. When the air reaches the bottom of the cone, an inner vortex is created reversing direction and exiting out the top as clean air while the particulates fall into the dust collection chamber attached to the bottom of the cyclone. Fractional Efficiency Curve The cyclone fractional efficiency curve (FEC) relates percent efficiency to the particle diameter and can be obtained from test data that include inlet and outlet concentrations and particle size distribution (PSD�s). It is commonly assumed that the FEC can be defined by a cumulative lognormal distribution. As a lognormal distribution curve, the cyclone FEC can be characterized by the cut-point (d50) and sharpness-of-cut (the slope of the FEC) of the cyclone. As mentioned above, the cut-point of a cyclone is �Automatic Entry Device (AED) and Cyclonic action help to remove particles with 50% efficiency of Dry Gases. Remaining particles are removed with the help umbrella nozzles, and deflector. In this scrubber, there are two cleaning doors and a baffle plate and a spiral nozzle. It is in the cyclonic form at high velocity and it is broken from centrifugal force. Design Features Of The Scrubber The scrubber is equipped with a Special Umbrella Nozzle placed in the Centre. This scrubber is developed to work for almost all type of fuel burning system. Scrubber is designed in five parts : Centre Entry of Hot Flue Gas Gas passing with cyclonic movement over Umbrella Spray Bottom Water seal compartment Baffle and Flow deflector Mist eliminator Each part is designed with utmost care for functioning to its maximum efficiency and with collective efficiency to give best scrubber effect for almost any type of gas exhaust. As well, care has been taken in every stage to give maximum scrubber efficiency. This further improves performance and overcome the design limitations of the existing scrubbers.